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Welcome to Urban Farm-It! We are an organisation whose aim is to encourage and inspire a positive shift in our culture around sustainable food production and consumption. We wish to introduce people to the wonderful and alternative world of urban farming through accessible education and top quality resources.

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About Me - Elliot Webb

My name is Elliot Webb, a mad grower and teacher of alternative agriculture, based in England. I have always had a passion for the natural world and the bounty it can produce. On completion of my BSc Degree in Aquaculture and Fisheries Management, I sought a career in traditional fish farming where I experienced first-hand the impact that such a supply chain can have on the environment and quality of our food. Frustrated by the productivity gap between commercial farming technology and home level production, I sought out a solution.

Following much trial and error, I found that by utilising high tech and intensive methods, combined with natural ecosystems and a permaculture mindset. The goal of encouraging self-sustaining and eco-friendly food sourcing habits is made possible. Our brand started its life in a shed in Kent. Now Urban Farm-It is committed to growing into the voice and hub for subsistence producers. We’re allowing people of all experience levels access to clean, green, traceable and high-quality food.

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